Explore Bhendi Bazaar

Explore Bhendi Bazaar

The Bhendi Bazaar is a heart core area of South Mumbai and is on World Map for various reasons. It is rich in its cultural activity and its own Nature of Business is world famous. Now since the Bhendi Bazaar face is uplifting it seems necessity to conserve the old culture with new structure developed by S.B.U.T. 

 Bhendi-Bazaar.Com was founded In 2015  by Abbas Chitalwala as a facebook group for Buyers & sellers to sell online on the group for free. The response he found on that group was amazing. So we decided to buy the domain and finally after our first strike of our Shopping Festival on 20th and 21st May 2017, we launched the website www.bhendi-bazaar.com on Eid ul Fitr.

This whole idea of creating something like bhendi-bazaar.com was to retain the traditional and cultural businesses of Bhendi Bazaar and keep them running virtually. Though, we are not restricted to any limitations like the business should be from the locality of Bhendi Bazaar only, but the concept is that like everything, from day to day items to as expensive a business like Real Estate is available in Bhendi Bazaar, the same should be available on Bhendi-Bazaar.Com justifying our tagline “Reinvent Bhendi-Bazaar, All Under One Roof”.

We get the business on board and promote them by what is called E Marketing as well as Live Promotional Events. Our website is a business directory and while we promote their business we propagate their contact directly to the audience.


Bhendi-Bazaar.Com as you can see is designed in a typical Bhendi-Bazaar way. Every Category is named after a street that was there in Bhendi-Bazaar. While the visitor of the website is navigating they have a feeling of roaming in the area itself. All Businesses that are allotted a street is in a virtual manner, keeping the essence of Bhendi-Bazaar alive. 

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